Zona Sul & Barra

Rio de Janeiro seafront

Zona Sul & Barra

famous beaches Rio Brasil

Rio the Janeiro’s beaches play a central role in the city’s life and culture, all the beaches in Rio are unfenced, public and openly accessible by anyone at anytime . The lack of gates , walls and private beach zones is the first hint to the generous spirit of the carioca, welcoming to all and genuine indiscriminating.

Copacabana Beach     famous beaches Rio Brasil

The Copacabana experience is about many things: rising early and going for a run along the sand, playing in the waves on a sun-drenched afternoon, or whiling away the evening over cocktails and appetisers at a beachfront kiosk. Regardless, you’ll probably notice the incredibly seductive view: 4km of wide, curving sand framed by Rio’s ubiquitous green peaks. Head uphill for even better views; rooftop bars and forts at either end of the beach make great settings for taking it all in.

Ipanema Beach            famous beaches Rio Brasil

This enchanting beachfront attracts a wide mix of cariocas. Different crowds – surfers, volleyballers, bohemians, muscle boys – congregate at each section, or posto, including famous posto 9 where Ipanema’s young and beautiful frolic. The principal activities of the day are people-watching, surf-side walks and sunset-watching – best from Arpoador, at Ipanema’s east end. You can also eat and drink on the sand. Roaming vendors will come to you, and barracas (stalls) set you up with chairs, umbrellas and caipirinhas. All you need to do is show up.

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