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Milano Fashion Week September 2021

After the Emporio Armani show, King Giorgio Armani — “Il Re Giorgio”– needed extra time to get across the few meters of distance separating the two sides of Via Bergognone where the gigantic Armani/Silos exhibition space stands. The adoring crowd surrounded him and cheered his name like that of a true king. In that instant I understood that the war against the unexpected and terrible evil of Covid had been defeated, or at the very least that the Italian people now possessed the psychological strength of victors in a battle.  Milano Fashion week 2021

The fashion industry, or simply “Fashion” as they call it here in Italy, is an economic engine, a creative cultural stimulus, and a source of pride for a country that has always been prominent in the history of art and culture.

A few weeks ago in Milan there was the Super Salone del Mobile for furniture. After came the Fuori Salone for design that reenergized fans of Italian design across the world.
Then came the “Settimana della Moda”, or Milan Fashion Week, that has returned to in-person shows, and has put the official stamp of optimism on what we all hope will be a definitive “rinascimento”, or renaissance of Italian creativity and fashion, according to Carlo Capassa, president of the Italian Chamber of Fashion. Milano Fashion week 2021
Because fashion reflects life and society, the visions of the designers and brands have undoubtedly been influenced by the “Covid era”. Some designers made the choice to recenter themselves around their traditional styles, proposing a classic and timeless concept of feminine style. Alberta Ferretti is one such designer who was loyal to his classic collections, much like Armani, who nevertheless instructed his models to smile on the catwalks to acknowledge the optimistic new era.
For other designers however, the end of confinement and social restrictions kindled a desire to “teach, celebrate and liberate the body” in a spirit of renewal. This was seen in the Missoni show, with very brief bikinis and silhouettes that recall Dolce & Gabbana and the hyper-sexy 2000s, with necklines descending below the navel. Versace, the house that made sensuality its hallmark, was not far behind with tiny bodices and rubber skirts.  Milano Fashion week 2021

Milano once again did not disappoint, and gave us a strong and vital dose of creation, beauty, and glamour, allowing us to embrace the best of the past while looking to the future with confidence and bright hope.

Pablo Munini © October 2021  Milano Fashion week 2021

In the photo : American actress Madelyn Cline by Pablo Munini

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