Noite em Ipanema

Night Photography in Ipanema beach , Rio de Janeiro

GAZING OVER IPANEMA ... as if a vast rock , was time concentrated.

Night Ipanema photograpny.Rio de janeiro Ipanema beach photography,

” Dois Irmãos, quando vai alta a madrugada
E a teus pés vão-se encostar os instrumentos
Aprendi a respeitar tua prumada
E desconfiar do teu silêncio “

Penso ouvir a pulsação atravessada
Do que foi e o que será noutra existência
É assim como se a rocha dilatada
Fosse uma concentração de tempos “

Chico Buarque

” Two brothers, when you sit high at dawn , and at your feet the instruments are laid down,I learned to respect your drop And be wary of your silence ,

I think I hear your heartbeat traverse,what was and what will be another existence’ It is as if a vast rock ,Was time concentrated.”

Chico Buarque

I arrived in Rio once again today , yet every time I gaze over Ipanema in the evening from this terrace , my breath is taken away by the feelings of beauty and boundless fancy that this unique place on Earth inspires.
The golden beach leads the eyes straight to the “Dos Irmaos”, endlessly caressed by the clouds drifting languidly by.

I can feel the soft strains of  Chico Buarque or Antonio Carlos Jobim in the air…..the rest you can fill in with your imagination visiting this gallery ” Noite em Ipanema (” Ipanema at night “) that i am so happy  to share with you.-
Rio de Janeiro , December 2013 © Pablo Munini

Night Ipanema photograpny.Rio de janeiro Ipanema beach photography,

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