The feeling of humanity and comforting eternity


” The beautiful and unspoiled architecture of the city, something we mostly take for granted. After the big fire in 1795, which burned down a great deal of the small medieval houses in the narrow street of the inner city, the capital was rebuilt. At that time—the Golden age—the architects were influenced by European classicism and the aesthetic ideal of the Roman or Greek Antiquity. That’s why the city is dominated by these calm, imposing mansions with pillars, columns, ornaments, and triangular gables. Since the Copenhageners always have been very individualistic, all the houses have different dimensions (all relatively modest, not showing off in size or splendor), colors and details. The streets are crooked and narrow. We have a lot of small squares (due to the old fire regulations) and local churches and the city is well preserved

Hanne-Vibeke Holst

Copenhaguen medieval architecture bicycle    

 Copenhagen is in many ways a very self-satisfied city, but it also has a lot to be satisfied about. Each neighborhood is very distinct, and the people living there have strong opinions on what represents the good life. In one area elegant is cool, in another it gives you absolutely no street credibility… The water is close everywhere, which gives a special light and raises the spirit…as soon as the sun is out, people come out and sit in any free space they can find. We are a city of sun-lovers trapped in a not-so-sunny place  

Lone Kühlmann 

Copenhaguen medieval architecture bicycle

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