Rio – Sunset


Rio Janeiro Brasil sunset

“Cidade maravilhosa
És minha
O poente na espinha
Das tuas montanhas
Quase arromba a retina
De quem vê “
Chico Buarque

” City of wonder your are mine.The sinking sun on the peaks of your mountains arrests the retinas of whoever looks upon them “
Chico Buarque

At the end of each day in Rio you can be witness to a beautiful spectacle presented by Mother Nature uniquely to this great city.

To see it, look across the ocean as the sun goes down beside the Dois Irmãos, or “Two Brothers”, peaks, and behold as it throws its deep orange hues across the sky and water, silhouetting the mountains in a dazzling display. And when the last slice of sun dips below the horizon, you will no doubt feel as moved by the scene as your fellow spectators with you at Ipanema, as if you were all watching the end of a profoundly wonderful play or the most beautiful of films, and you will want to join in with them for the lovely and sweet tradition of clapping in appreciation of this natural wonder.

Rio Janeiro Brasil sunset

Soon afterwards, the houses of the favela on the hillside of the famous mountain will begin to twinkle, as the lights inside turn on and announce a new evening has begun in Rio.

I have had the privilege of witnessing this display of natural beauty many times. I especially remember the sunset of December 31, 2014, which is part of this gallery. The sky was  filled with such rich deep reds and oranges, and it seemed like it would never end, as if Rio and nature together wanted to celebrate the arrival of a new year with an exceptional show.

I have seen many beautiful sunsets all over the world, but I must say that I have always felt a special nostalgia for the ones in Rio, for their beauty, and for the people on the beach, who every day take a few minutes out of their lives to stop and applaud the beauty around them.

Pablo Munini © Rio de Janeiro, December 2016

                                                                                            Rio Janeiro Brasil sunset


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