Andrà tutto bene

“It will all be OK.”

“ Andrà tutto bene “

As many of the images in this gallery reflect, 3 words: “Andrà tutto bene” (“Everything will be fine”) were the spiritual leitmotif of an entire nation, which was seen on the balconies of Milan and of each city from Italy.

One day in March of this year, Italians found themselves “prisoners” inside their house and used all the extraordinary creative capacity of  innate artists to stay united and communicated with each other and to transmit encouragement to the sick people as well as to support and gratitude to who fought on the front line.

It is a virus that evidently tests people’s souls. It all started with the singing of the national anthem and then each one put on display in front of an audience that was hidden but remained attentive their artistic skills. Piano chords, trumpets, violins, lyrical songs. Thus one morning from a window on the closed bar in which for many years I have been drinking the “ristretto” the melodious sound of Antonio’s saxophone that we had never felt before began to descend.

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