Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos the work of man in the zeal of his daily toil.

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Mykonos whitewashed architecture photography

“In Mykonos I discovered the quintessence of architecture: beauty, simplicity and functionality”.

Le Corbusier  

What was a sleepy fishing island in the 1950’s turned into a chic destination for celebrities in the 1960’s, attracting the likes of Jackie and Ari Onassis, the Kennedys, Winston Churchill, and Maria Callas. Despite decades of tourism, Mykonos in 2016 retains the traditional architectural style and spirit that so enchanted Le Corbusier.

For many years I cherished a photo I took on my first trip to Greece in 1990 of an old woman, dressed completely in black, sitting in front of the blue door of her house in the “Chora “. To me this image perfectly represented the deep-rooted culture of the Cycladic Islands. When I later returned to Mykonos, I wandered the labyrinth of streets in the Chora, hoping to find these women again, or the old Greek men sitting together in the “kafenion”  recalling conquests of a bygone and glorious seafaring era. After several days my searching was fruitless, with only the plain white stone buildings of Mykonos for me to admire. I decided to head towards the interior of the island, in the area around Ano Mera, and there at the entrance of her home, I saw a figure dressed in black. She was moving quickly however, and I knew I needed to act. I approached her cautiously, fearful of having my long-awaited moment escape me. When at last I was in her presence, a surge of happiness and relief came over me, for having chanced again upon a true Mykonite, one that incarnates the spirit of the Cycladic Islands. I knew then that the Mykonos I loved so long ago was very much still alive.

Simplicity, love of the sea, and a joy for everyday life are manifested in the bright white stones and the modest, charming architecture that characterize the island of Mykonos.

Mykonos , August 2016 © Pablo Munini

Mykonos whitewashed architecture photography

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