"Dante knew his love for Florence, gleaned from partaking of the waters of the Arno river, would lead him to understand that our homeland is a wider water, it is the world, as the sea is the home of the fishes" -  

Claudio Magris


There is no true journey without passing through a myriad of borders, - political, linguistic, social, cultural, psychological, and the invisible ones  that divide cities and societies. We should go beyond borders, but also love them, as they define our reality for us, give us individuality,  and  give the world around us shape. We should be conscious of how flexible, temporary, and transitory borders are, like a person, and thus worthy of  love,  for  they  are fragile, like us.”

“Modern travel is a straight line, a direct escape, a sudden breaking of limits and ties, an immersion into the precariousness of the wide world, where one’s ego dissolves into the surroundings and a new person emerges.

It is " a path of no return, where  one  discovers that there is  not, can  not  and should not, be a way back."


Pablo Munini Photography will include photographs from my journeys and life experiences in the  exciting cities of Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Bogota, Bratislava, Budapest, Cartagena de Indias, Casablanca, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Marrakesh, Milan, Nice, Paris, Porto, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Sofia, Tallin, Tunis , Venice, Wien, Zagreb ; visiting Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy,  Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden,  South Africa, Tunisia,  and many other places I hope to visit as I continue my journey along this path with  no  return, always  going beyond the borders.

I  want  to express  my  gratitude  towards  my  two  collaborators  on  this site , Fernando  Gonzalez Casanueva, a prominent figure in the world of art  photography  in Argentina who works on editing the site, and Meredith Brunel, a wonderful American friend, who helps me prepare  and  refine the texts accompanying my images.

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