Nice in Person

Russian and English princes dueling with flowers...


“Nice is an oasis on the sea, with mimosa forests and palms and there are Russian and English princes dueling with flowers. There are clowns who dance in the streets and confetti that falls from the sky forgetting no one. One day, I’ll go to Nice, I too, when I’ll be young.” 

Romain Gary                                                                     People Nice French Riviera

Attracting people from all over the world, much of Nice’s charm comes from the colorful contrast of its locals and visitors. This mix of people gives Nice a cosmopolitan flair, and adds visual interest and beauty to the already-lovely “Promenade des Anglais”, the famous downtown sidewalk between the sea and the palms. Nice’s rich history includes its role as a meeting place for artists and intellectuals, who shared a vision of beauty and culture.

Tribute to Nice .Milano, 14th July 2017 © Pablo Munini


                                                                                    People Nice French Riviera                                                       

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