Nice Méditerranée

the light and purity of the azure sea of the Baie des Anges... a life affirming antithesis.

Nice Méditerranée - Tribute to Nice

“When I realised that every morning I would see this light again, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.I decided never to leave Nice and remained there nearly my entire existence”   Henri Matisse Nice France mediterranean sea


On July 14, 2016, the sunset along the “Promenade des Anglais ” in Nice was resplendent, and the approaching night promised a public celebration that would last until the break of dawn. In the span of a few minutes, this joyful celebration was transformed into a hideous tragedy, into the saddest day Nice had ever seen.

I was witness to the terrible night of July 14  in Nice, standing only a few meters from where the truck driver was finally stopped from continuing his deadly rampage. We have all by now seen the many painful and saddening photos from the attack, photos we should not overlook.

Today I want to pay tribute to the victims in another way, by celebrating the beauty and joy of the “belle Nice” that they had come to see and enjoy. This is the Nice they came for….the color of the sea, and the sweet, bright light are a life-affirming antithesis to the senseless and hateful violence that caused so much pain and suffering.         Nice France mediterranean sea

May the innocent victims of that night forever be part of the light and purity of this “belle Nice” and the azure sea of the Baie des Anges…

” Viva , Viva Nisa la bella “.

 Paris, 21th July 2016 © Pablo Munini

Article for ABC MUNDIAL

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