Armani model's : Nathalia Novas, Minnie Warren, Cristina Liuchen , Skarla Ali
Giorgio Armani & Emporio Armani MFWSS24


“ Dress so that when you see a photo of yourself, you won’t be able to date it. Elegance is not about being noticed, but about being remembered “ .

Giorgio Armani

Fashion Week Milan Armani

Giorgio Armani revolutionized the fashion industry with his minimalistic and elegant approach. His unique style quickly conquered the world, making his brand one of the most recognized and respected in the fashion industry.

There are two main brands that bear the name of Giorgio Armani, but there are some key differences between Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani is the brand’s high fashion line, known for its sophisticated elegance and tailored garments. Emporio Armani is his more accessible and youthful line, with a focus on current trends and casual chic styles.

The fashion shows of both Armani brands at Milan Fashion Week are the ones that usually attract the most famous personalities and the biggest audiences, and this scene creates a worldly and exciting atmosphere, turning the shows into a unique spectacle every year in the famous city.

The Emporio Armani fashion show usually takes place at the Armani Silos, located in the Tortona district, once an industrial and working-class area, now renewed and redeveloped with significant cultural attractions like the Mudec (Museum of Cultures), showrooms, foundations, and art workshops. A true wonderland created by the genius of Giorgio Armani, The Silos, with its curious beehive-like shape, was built in 1950 as a grain warehouse. Its 4,500 square meters spread across four floors, has become the exhibition space for the history and aesthetics of Armani. “I chose to call it ‘Silos’ because grains, the material for living, were stored there. And so, like food, dressing is also necessary for living,” explained Armani.

The show for the more traditional and classic brand, Giorgio Armani, takes place in the center of Milan, in the small theater located in the basement of the historic building at 21 Via Borgonuovo, where Giorgio Armani organized his very first fashion shows. The space is so small that this year it was necessary to host three sessions to accommodate guests, buyers, journalists, and celebrities, including actresses Juliette Binoche and Cate Blanchett.

Emporio Armani’s Spring Summer 2024 collection was a vibrant celebration of sun-soaked holidays and carefree elegance. With its joyful colors, sheer fabrics, and versatile jackets, the collection captured the essence of summer in a chic and playful manner. Emporio Armani proved once again that fashion can be both stylish and relaxed, offering a glimpse of summer’s charm and the excitement of sun-kissed adventures under the stars.

Models stepped onto the runway at Emporio Armani with smiles replacing their usual poker faces, and it’s no surprise why. The Spring Summer 2024 collection radiated with the spirit of holidays under the sun and stars, featuring a lively array of lollipop colors, sheer fabrics, and a dazzling assortment of summery jackets, perfectly suited for every style.

The last big name in Italian fashion to grace the runway, Giorgio Armani closed Milan Fashion Week this year with his highly personal and luminous collection. “Vibes” is the name given to this ready-to-wear women’s collection for Spring-Summer 2024.

Focusing on sparkling fabrics and all kinds of sheen, the Piacenza-based tailor wanted to explore, through his garments with ever-changing reflections, the various vibrations generated by emotions, sensations, and feelings.

Pablo Munini  Milano ,  © November 2023

Emporio Armani MFWSS24 show video

Fashion Week Milan Armani

Giorgio Armani MFWSS24 show video

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