Night in Rio

Gazing over Ipanema... As if a vast rock was time concentrated

” Two brothers,

when you sit high at dawn,

and at your feet the Instruments are laid down,

I learned to respect your drop and be wary of your silence,

i think i hear your heartbreak traverse,

what was and what will be another existence

It is as if a vast rock, was time concentrated “

Chico Buarque

Copacabana... Bow of love trembling its arrows of light against the infinite

” This is Copacabana, ample lagoon

Curve and horizon ,bow of love trembling 

Its arrows of light against the infinite.

Here my eyes undress the stars

Here my arms address the moon

Beast bloomed from my steps

In forests of pain that strechted on.

Copacabana, beach of memories!

How many ecstasies , how many daybreaks,

In your ocean embrace ! “

Vinicius de Moraes

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