Le Métro, 1989-2015

Analog and digital photography Paris subway between 1989 and 2015.

Le Métro - Paris subway photography -

“Only in the métro I can realize , cause travelling in the métro is like being stuck in a watch. The stops are the minutes, you understand, it is that time of yourselves, now, but I know that there is another time, and I’ve been thinking, thinking …. “

El Perseguidor ( The Pursuer) , Julio Cortázar  

On the surface, in the everyday real world, there is a “ville lumière” that dazzles us every second with millions of unexpected nuances, that permantly surprises us. Paris subway Metro images
There is yet another Paris, another world with other existential codes and other measures of time.

Johnny, the “Tracker” by Julio Cortazar senses, discover on their journey on the subway that there is another reality or another different time from the one we live. The subway is a physical space that reveals a view of time perception in which chronological time succumbs to subjective time.
His music had a premonition that behind clock time that elapses between a station and the other, under the daily reality is another reality that perhaps encloses the meaning of his existence, of our existence. 

Paris May 2015 © Pablo Munini 

Paris subway photography.Paris Metro images.Art styled metro.

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